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The Persuasive Biography 


"Take Jerry Lee Lewis, add some Victor Borge, Beethoven on steroids, garnish with Schroeder from Peanuts, throw it all in a blender, and what comes out is an unmistakable Jason Farnham show." 

 An Evening of Piano with Jason Farnham delights audiences around the U.S., again and again.  Fans have affectionately dubbed him "Schroeder" from Peanuts because of his toy piano, his witty Victor Borge-style piano comedy antics and the clever way he interacts with the audience. The variety includes contemporary romantic piano, jazz, bossa nova, blues, stride piano, and classical with a modern twist! Jason is always looking for an interesting spin on the status quo, a way to take a classic and turn it on its ear. The newest addition to his piano show is Fur Elise with a techno-rock-dance beat: “Fur Crying Out Loud Elise, Let’s Dance!” And Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca has now become "Rondo Alla Techno". He's also re-envisioned Autumn Leaves into a fusion of bossa nova and samba styles. Playing the piano while lying upside down Amadeus-style? Check. And always included in the lineup are a handful of Jason’s signature original piano pieces that his fans adore, like his 2008 original instrumental hit, Lisa’s Song (When).

During the Christmas season, audiences enjoy Jason's upbeat holiday show with innovative arrangements like Calyps-O Christmas Tree, We Wish you A Merry Christmas Charlie Brown Style, and I Got the Jingle Bells Blues. And what holiday show is complete without an audience sing-a-long at the end?

Both the evening concerts and educational outreaches at local schools always include Jason's toy piano (which is just as popular with the evening concert audience as the school kids :-)



Okay, so now you've booked Jason. (If not, what's the hold up?!)

Here's the bio you can copy for your concert program, cleverly titled...


The Concert Program Biography


Raised in Northeast Ohio, Jason began playing the piano at the age of four. He studied piano with numerous teachers and was classically trained. Later in high school and his college years at Ohio University, he began crafting his own style of music. Jason and his wife Lisa moved to California in 2006, where he has been involved in numerous projects. A diverse composer, producer and songwriter, his song “Rock Star”, from the album “Barriers”, was placed in 2 feature films, “Bobby Khan’s Ticket to Hollywood” (2011), “American High School” (2009), and a number of commercials. “Morning Coffee”, from the same album, was featured on the Filter Magazine Channel on all American Airlines flights for the month of January 2009.

 Most recently, Jason composed the music for the “The Brick People”, a documentary that chronicles the legacy of the Mexican immigrants who worked at Simons Brickyard in Montebello, CA during the early part of the 20th Century. Other projects include music for a BMW commercial, a Google/YouTube “My Business Story” ad campaign and Fox Movie Classics Commercial: “Office Space: The Musical”. Through Studio 51 Music, Jason also provides background music for Harpo Productions, and one of his tracks was selected as the theme song for “The Dr. Oz Show” (Season 2009-2010). His score for the short comedy film “You Are What You Eat” earned him a Platinum Remi Award at the 2011 Houston International Film Festival.

Jason’s music has also been licensed and used in numerous public service announcements, promos, and election campaigns. Visit to keep up with the most recent news, and to sample Jason’s six albums.